A support group for licensed home daycare providers with the interest in promoting quality childcare.


Licensed Daycare Providers

Each licensed home daycare is individual in some of their policies,fees they charge, and hours they operate. Please contact any of the listed Homes to inquire about space availability. If spaces are available, an interview will be set up with you to see the facility and to meet the provider.


Members of the association operate daycares out of their homes and are licensed through the Early Learning and Childcare Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

To be licensed, providers and their assistants have:

  • completed CPR/First Aid
  • undergone criminal record checks
  • supplied character references
  • attended yearly workshops pertaining to child care and development
Licensed homes must also:

  • follow health nutrition and safety standards
  • submit their menus for approval
  • follow the Child Care Regulations as required by the Ministry of Education and Early Learning
  • adhere to child to adult ratios
  • must pass a fire inspection and a heating system inspection
  • submit to yearly evaluations to qualify for re-licensing
  • maintain a certain level of childcare during yearly evaluations and "unannounced" visits