Dawn Boyle

1337 Princess Crescent


Our daily program is fairly flexible and does vary. I feel the children should have freedom to explore in their own way as much as possible. Routines like snack time, lunch time, rest time, and clean up time, will be consistent. We like to be outside if the weather permits, for park time, walks, etc.


Fees are due on the first of every month, for that month. There will be a $25.00 late fee after the 3rd of the month. Consistent late payment will result in the termination of childcare. There will be a $30 NSF charge, plus bank charges. I will give you 1 months notice if there is a change in fees.


Subsidy is available for families who qualify. You can obtain an application from me. Subsidies, once approved are paid directly to me. Parents are responsible for completing and returning all forms and documents pertaining to subsidy. Parents are welcome to return these forms to me to ensure they get to the right department for processing. There is a fee for each child’s space and parents are responsible to cover any portion of the fee that subsidy does not cover. If your subsidy is denied, you will be responsible for the full amount of the childcare fee. The minimum hours in daycare for school age children to qualify for subsidy is 20 hours per month. For all other ages it is 36 hours. If your child is full time it is 90 hours per month.


Parents must give one month’s notice WRITTEN when withdrawing your child from my care. In replacement of notice, one month’s fee including the subsidy portion will be accepted.

I will also give one month’s written notice when I am terminating your child from my care. However, termination without notice may result for: nonpayment of fees, uncontrolled behavior such as verbal or physical violence from the chils or parent.


You are still required to pay for your space while on vacation. Those receiving subsidies are allowed 15 days for holidays. If you take more than 15 days your spot will be prorated and you are responsible to pay the difference. Your child must still attend for the 36 hours.


I generally take 2 weeks holidays every year in which I will pay the difference. Your child must still attend for the 36 hours.


I believe in positive discipline. We should never humiliate or belittle a child. If a behavior is unacceptable, I will talk you your child at their age level and eye level. If the talking doesn’t work, distraction or removal from the situation will be the next step. Time out is the final step. If a behavior becomes a problem, I will speak to you, so that we can work together to find an acceptable solution. Good communication is very important between parent and myself. This promotes successful and consistent child management skills.


I will always be with the infants and toddlers giving them very close attention. The older preschoolers will have a little more freedom and may be allowed playing without my constant attention. The school aged children will be allowed even more freedom but having a very close eye at all times.


Children with any contagious illness will not be allowed to attend daycare. Fever diarrhea, vomiting, skin infections that are contagious will not be allowed at daycare. If lice are brought into the daycare they are asked to stay out of daycare until they have had their second treatment and a dr.’s note stating they are no longer contagious. A dr.’s note is required for all contagious illness before returning to daycare.


Medication will only be given to a child by provider with a written consent form filled out by parent and signed. Medication must be brought in its original labeled container.


Parents are asked to accompany child/children into daycare. All parents will be notified if any contagious illness are brought into the daycare.


Fire drills are practiced every month. There are smoke detectors on every floor which are wired into the home. I also have fire extinguishers on every level of the home.


Smoking is not permitted in my home.


I will call the parents if an emergency arises. If the parent is unavailable the emergency contact person will be notified of the situation. If need be I will transport child to the dr. Or hospital. If I am unable to do so an ambulance will be called.


All meals and snack are based on the Canada food guide. A weekly menu is planned. Please let me know of any food allergies, and likes and dislikes. I encourage the children to try new things. I provide a morning snack and aft. Snack.


Please call if your child is not attending daycare that day or if someone, other than you, is picking up your child. Identification must be shown by person picking up your child, if I do not know them. This is for your child's safety.