Diane Shaw

940 Ominica Street East

My name is Diane Shaw and I own and operate my own government subsidized home daycare. I am a group home, so I have room for 12 children. I have one assistant. I am a 24 hour, 7 days a week daycare. I have had my daycare for 27 years now and have had the opportunity to look after many children and I am now looking after some of my children’s children that I looked after many years ago. It is a wonderful feeling to have the children you use to look after ask you to look after their children.

I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 4 boys. My oldest grandson has autism so I have a soft spot for children with learning and behavioural disabilities. I have my first aid, CPR, and my level one in early childhood education. I have taken many courses over the past 27 years. My goal is to try to make the children that come to my daycare as comfortable as possible.

My motto is "my home is a home away from home" and that is how I want the children to feel. I have been very fortunate to have had my own daycare for as long as I have as I enjoy interacting with children, watching them grow up and especially running into them or having them visit when they are young adults. My menu is posted and we follow the Canada Food Guide. I like to be flexible with my schedule and when it is summertime we spend a lot of time outside. My back yard is full of things for the children to do and they love to be out there. In the winter my daycare is mostly run in my basement where the children do crafts, play games, sing, and have free time. If the weather is good we go outside in the winter too.