Lynette Feist

958 Brown Street


I believe that a family care home is a wonderful option for parents who both work by providing a secure, warm, and happy home environment.

I believe that the childcare provider should meet each child’s needs by being sensitive, encouraging, loving and praising. Ensure the children feel safe and secure. Enhance the child’s creative, emotional, physical, social and language skills. Work together with the parents using good communication and honesty to make sure all of the children’s needs are being met.



My hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm. The daycare is closed all statutory holidays including Boxing Day, and Easter Monday.

Only the parent or guardian and their designate may remove the child from my home. You may phone to tell me someone else is picking your child up, but they need to have identification if I don’t know them. Please remember that you have contracted for specific hours during this time frame. Please let me know of any change in your schedule (early or late), so that I can plan our day and ensure that we are here at drop off or pick-up time. There will be a $5.00 charge for every half hour you are late. If you are more than 45 minutes late, without a phone call, I will try to reach your emergency contact to pick-up your child. Please remember that I have a family of my own with commitments and evening activities.


Fees are due on the 1st of every month; there will be a $25.00 late fee after the 3rd of the month. Consistent late payment will result in the termination of childcare. There will be a $30.00 NSF charge, plus bank charges. Increases will only occur if and when needed according to the cost of living. I will give you 1 month’s written notice if there is an increase.

Age Full Time
Infant to 30 months $750/month
Toddler $600/month
Preschool $550/month
Kindergarten $500/month
School Age $375/month
$475 (summer)

Casual care for older siblings is $25.00/day (eg. school holidays)


Government subsidies are available for families who qualify. You can obtain an application from me. Subsidies, once approved are paid directly to me. Parents are responsible for completing and returning all forms and documents pertaining to subsidy. Parents are welcome to return these forms to me to ensure they get to the right department for processing. There is a fee for each child’s space and parents are responsible to cover any portion of the fee that subsidy does not cover. If your subsidy is denied, you will be responsible for the full amount of the childcare fee. The minimum hours in daycare for school age children to qualify for subsidy is 20hrs/month, for all other age groups it is 36 hrs. Part-time subsidy is available for children attending daycare less than 90 hrs/month.


Parents must give one month’s written notice when withdrawing your child from my care. In replacement of notice, one month’s fee including the subsidy portion will be accepted.

I will also give one month’s written notice if my situation changes and I must give you notice. However, termination without notice may result for: nonpayment of fees, uncontrolled behavior such as verbal or physical violence from the child or parent.


You are still required to pay for your space while on vacation. Those receiving subsidies are allowed 15 days for holidays. If you take more than 15 days your spot will be prorated and you are responsible to pay the difference. Your child must still attend for the 36 hrs.


My childcare home will be closed for all statutory holidays including Boxing Day and Easter Monday. I generally take two weeks during the summer. I will give one months notice for any planned vacations. Parents may opt to:

  • Take vacations at the same time
  • Use the alternate caregiver I arrange and pay for


I believe in using positive discipline. We should never humiliate or be little a child. If a behavior is unacceptable, I will talk to your child at their age level and eye level. If the talking doesn’t work, distraction or removal from the situation will be the next step. Time out is the final step. If a behavior becomes a problem, I will speak to you, so that we can work together to find an acceptable solution. Good communication is very important. This promotes successful and consistent child management skills.


I will always be with the infants and toddlers giving them very close attention. Strollers, car seats and safety seats are used. The younger preschoolers will be on the same floor as I am, and never in the backyard unsupervised. The older preschoolers will have a little more freedom and may be allowed in the backyard while I’m inside, and not allowed outside of the fenced area. I will check on these children every 5 minutes. The school age children are allowed more freedom, as long as they let me know where they are at all times. Children must come directly to day care after school. I’m responsible for the children until they are picked-up. The children will not be allowed to go to friends' houses. They must remain in my care.



  • They have a fever of 101F (40C) or higher ( not to return until the fever has been gone and no medication given for 12 hrs)
  • More than one occurrence of diarrhea
  • Any contagious disease such as measles, mumps, rosella, chicken pox etc.
  • Any skin infection, rash, sore infected eyes, yellow skin or eyes, Impetigo, scabies, head lice (once the child has been treated for lice, they may return).
  • Child has vomited in the last 24 hrs.

This is for the health of the other children, as well as my own family. When the child becomes ill (high fever, two occurrences of diarrhea, or vomiting) at daycare, the parent will be contacted to pick up the child.


Medication will only be given under the following conditions:

  • The parent must give written consent and complete a Medication form
  • Medication (prescription or non-prescription) must be brought in their original labeled container.


Please accompany your child into my home. Let me know if someone else other than yourself will be picking up your child. All parents will be notified of any infectious disease introduced to my home. All medications and cleaning supplies are safely stored away. Electrical outlets are capped and the emergency phone numbers are posted by the telephone.


Fire drills will be practiced every month. There is a smoke detector on every floor of my house, which is wired to the house current, and has a battery back up. I also have fire extinguishers on each level of the house.


Smoking is NOT allowed in my home. Please do not smoke at the door while picking up or dropping off your child.


I will call the parents if an emergency arises. If the parent is unavailable, the emergency contact person will be notified of the situation. If need be, I will transport the child to the doctor or hospital. If I am unable to do so, an ambulance will be called.


All meals and snacks are based on the Canadian Food Guide. A weekly menu is planned. Please let me know of any food allergies, and likes and dislikes. I encourage the children to try different things, but they are not forced to eat something they don’t like. I provide a morning and afternoon snack. Please don’t send your child to daycare with their own food, (a cookie, McDonald’s treats etc), as the other children may feel this is unfair. Treats may be sent if there is enough for everyone. Please let me know before you send them, so I can advise you of any allergies the other children might have. Gum is not allowed at daycare.


Personal hygiene will be taught and practiced each day.


Parents will be notified of any excursions. We usually go to McDonalds or Burger King once a week and to Westmount School for a music program once a week. There is also a social skills program offered for home daycares at no extra cost to the parent. If your child is 3yrs and older, they can attend it you would like them to. First aid supplies will be taken on all excursions. The children should come properly dressed and prepared for the outing. Walks and visits to parks will be spontaneous. I can be reached at all times on my cell phone 631-8895.


Parents should feel free to drop in at anytime during the day.


It is your responsibility to get your child to and from school and to and from day care. The school must have your work number for emergencies, because I cannot always leave to get them or I may not be home.
Parents must bring appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather (mitts, boots, hats, sun hats, bathing suits etc.) Parents must bring an extra set of clothing.
For infants/toddlers, parents must supply all bottles and formula sippy cups, soothers, diapers, pull-ups, baby wipes, baby cereal, and baby food.
In summer, parents should send sunscreen and bug spray to be left at daycare, or sent in the diaper bag or backpack each day.
Advise me if you will not be at your regular work place. And where you can be reached in case of an emergency.


Parents are responsible for the completion of all forms required by the Early Learning and Childcare Division:

  • Agreement for Daycare Services
  • Child’s Health and Social Resume
  • Permission for off – the premises excursions
  • Emergency Information Card
  • Subsidy Application form (If applicable)


Our daily program is fairly flexible and does vary. I feel that children should have the freedom to explore in their own way as much as possible. Routines like snack time, lunchtime, rest time clean up times, quiet activities right before home time will be consistent. Morning Snack at 10am, lunch at 12pm, naptime (quiet time) at 1pm and afternoon snack at 3pm. The following is a list of activities we might do in a typical day:

Art - There will always be crayons, markers pencil crayons, and paper to use. We will also enjoy painting, play- doh, and crafts.
Music – Listening, dancing and singing to all sorts of music.
Dramatic Play – Dress up play, play food and dishes, dolls and furniture, little tyke’s kitchen, cash register, tool bench.
Blocks – Various sizes and Lego table with different sizes of Lego.
Television – Limited. Quite often the older preschoolers choose to watch a video or DVD while the younger children are napping.
Reading and Storytime – Daily story time before naptime, free access to the books on the shelf.
Outdoor Activities – Swings, slide, sand and water play, riding cars, balls and games.
Outings – I like to take the children for walks to the park, go to the library for story time, and to the water park in the summer.
Table Top Activities – Puzzles, board games, card games. We also have cars and garages, weebles, and little people to play with.
Baking and Cooking – I like to have the children help me with the baking by measuring, mixing, and making our snacks.


On occasion the children are welcome to bring toys from home. If the parents don’t want other kids to play with the toys from home please leave them at home. Please don’t send expensive or irreplaceable toys. Please explain to your child that they will be expected to share before you bring them to daycare. If the toy presents a problem, it will be put away until home time. The daycare is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Open communication is an essential part of your childcare arrangement. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, I encourage you to come and talk to me about them. I assure you that confidentiality and a high standard of professionalism will be maintained at all times.